From The Desk of Principal

As we embark upon a voyage into the new millennium, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on “What is” and “What should be”. The last two decades of the 20th century have seen a revolution in almost all walks of life. The world is fast converging from a set of different nationalities on a global village. We are truly witnessing the arrival of the Aquarian Age on the era of intellect. The Industrial revolution heralded the dominance of machine over man. The intellectual revolution of today has reversed this and reinforced the supremacy of the mind over the machine.
Let us have a vision for our country- a nation of knowledge workers, of technical and intellectuals super powers, culturally enriched and mature and last but not least, a model for the rest of the world to emulate as a united, prosperous and clean nation of the people who cherish values and ideals.
I am sure that if every-one of us selflessly does his duty to himself, his home, the society, the nation and the world, we shall soon witness a transformation around us.
Mr. Rajesh Hooda