Other Facilities

Conference/Workshop Hall

To impart opportunities to the teachers, to have discussions on the topics of common interest, to devise ways and means, to make teaching interesting, to resolve the difficulties which the students face and for occasional meetings, the school has its own conference hall.

Botanical Garden

To make the study of Botany effective, the school is planning to develop the Botanical Garden by planting the rare plants and developing a green house.

Zoological Museum

To study evaluation and adaptation in animals and to understand the classification of animals easy, the school has also to collect large number of specimens.

Field Aquarium

To make the subject of Biology more interesting and to have a detailed study of aquatic flora and fauna, the school has developed its own pond.

Amusement Park

For tiny tots, as a complement to Nursery Hall, the school has a Children Park with swings, slides and seesaws, etc. with a lush green grassy lawn.

Sports Complex

To develop the physique of the children, the school has a mega sports complex with a track of athletics events and various courts for different games and sports events.

Eco Club

To protect the degrading environment and to create awareness among the students and society about the same, the school has set up an Eco-club.