Philosophy and Objectives

Besides infusing in a child nationalism, morality and love for moral values, we are aiming at growing a child as a conscientious and responsible citizen of India by providing him/her a congenial environment, in which one's latent potential can be explored using latest technologies. So, the curricular and extra-curricular activities are framed to ensure the desired level of mental and physical fitness.

Interalia, the main objectives of the school are to develop the child:

To absorb and live by the permanent values of life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers and are rooted in India's spiritual heritage, culture and tradition.

To bring about all round development in its personality by imparting knowledge of fine arts like music, drama, art and crafts, etc.

By fostering its potential by providing different opportunities for successful learning and growth.

  • As a well mannered student with healthy habits

  • To interact with its physical and social environment

  • To grow with the spirit of sportsmanship

  • To train for the attainment of perfection in each area of interest

  • With the scientific temper and an attitude of learning throughout life

  • To adapt according to the changing environment